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What’s up with the Neck and Shoulders??

Need a quick neck and shoulder release to help ease the stress and tension of the day? It would be hard to find an adult that has never experienced neck and shoulder tension or pain. Thanks for finding me! We hold so much tension in the neck and shoulders Especially when it’s cold. Especially when we hold the weight…

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Pants Don’t Fit?

I was just trying to wear these jeans yesterday…’s ok. Currently, I could not do this pose wearing these jeans….it’s ok. Isn’t it crazy how much tight clothes can kill your joy? I am going to treat myself to a good pair of jeans that fit right. Isn’t it crazy how clothes can give you the ultimate confidence when…

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2019 Reflection

2019. What a year. It absolutely went by in a flash but as I reminisce, it was still filled with countless events, ups and downs, sickness and health, life and death, new adventures and struggles, self doubts and new and old friends, to name a few.  I am grateful for it all. Today. Maybe not in the moment, but…

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