Pants Don’t Fit?

I was just trying to wear these jeans yesterday…’s ok. Currently, I could not do this pose wearing these jeans….it’s ok. Isn’t it crazy how much tight clothes can kill your joy?
I am going to treat myself to a good pair of jeans that fit right. Isn’t it crazy how clothes can give you the ultimate confidence when they fit well and they feel good?
My point is, you can sit in the aftermath of your thoughts as you constantly try to fit into those jeans, telling yourself you aren’t good enough until these fit you. Trying to live a life of a person you are not right now. Putting resistance and imbalance in the body.
Or you could use the tool of seeking joy instead. Go buy something that fits, go get a massage, take a yoga class, do something that makes you feel beautiful, proud of yourself, something that makes the struggle of those stupid jeans not such a big deal.
This is us. In pretty much everything we do. You can choose the easier more natural path- to sit in the struggle or find a solution to find joy even through the hardest circumstances- challenging.
I’m trying to shift my focus away from the all-consuming jeans and head towards the internet to order 20 pairs of jeans and return 19 ☀️😂 I will find the perfect one to make me feel great 😍
Does anyone get it? Or do the small jeans inspire you to be a better person?