Top Ten Reasons to do Yoga!

  1. 1 Pain Relief- Stretching, Movement, Breathing can help lengthen the muscles and oxygenate the blood.  Counter balance the stagnation of sitting at a desk, in a car, on the phone, etc. Yoga can strengthen and lengthen, increase range of motion, help release scar tissue, calm the mind so the body can heal itself
  2. 2 Stress Reducer- Yoga gives you usually an hour of quiet in the chaotic world.  Your nervous system mimics the breath so as we breath, our nervous system settles down, your mind settles, your adrenals stop producing the stress hormone cortisol and start focusing on melatonin, serotonin, digestion, healing
  3. 3 Quiet the mind- Yoga teaches you how to be in a shape that may be uncomfortable or scary.  Life does that too. We need to breathe through it all. Yoga gives us the awareness of how busy our minds can be.  Some minds have a tendency to judge, critique, shame, repeat itself over and over, and just wander away. Yoga teaches you how to be aware of the mind and gives you the tools to settle it.  If just for an hour
  4. 4 Improves focus and concentration- As your nervous system calms and centers through breathing and movement it makes new connections and pathways which will in turn improve focus and concentration that will improve your day to day activity.
  5. 5 Breathing- We aren’t very aware of our breath.  Breathing is the root of all my teachings. It’s the foundation of yoga and learning to be aware of it and able to control it can make a huge shift in your life.  Sometimes we can do the physical practice, but our breath is with us everywhere. When we are sick, injured, busy, sad we are still breathing and focusing on the breath can be a yoga practice in itself.  You don’t need a yoga studio or teacher to practice your mindful breathing
  6. 6 Acceptance-  In my classes, you come as you are.  Happy, sad, scared, angry and anything else because there is a ton.  You don’t have to be flexible, spiritual, rich, fit, or even wear yoga pants to find deep happiness in yoga. You come as you are and learn to accept yourself for everything you are and everything your not. To change, you have to know who you are, accept that person and give yourself the space to shift.
  7. 7 Connection- Body awareness. Connection to students without talking, arguing or even knowing their name.  Coming together in a yoga studio creates an amazing energy. When people come together over health and breath and think good thoughts, something amazing happens.  I think of it similar to a powerful music in church, everyone singing together at a concert, or being completely surrounded in nature. It can connect you to something greater whether it be health, jesus, buddha, or the kitchen sink! 
  8. 8 Community- Yoga atmospheres are all different.  They usually work in the community and do fundraisers, events, free classes, and are a great way to meet people who have health in common.  Yogis are usually pretty mellow, kind and welcoming but like i said, there are different feels at every yoga studio and you should try them all to see where the vibe works with you.  I love hearing the conversations that happen in the studio community space. Sometimes we will even get caught up talking for hours!
  9. 9 Education- You are SURE to learn something when you are in yoga whether it be anatomy and knowledge of how your body works, learn to breathe and why you should, how to move your body and understand it better.
  10. 10 Practice- Nothing is perfect in yoga.  You let go of your expectations and practice getting to know yourself and how your mind works in stressful situations, easy situations, situations you cant handle or that make you anxious and nervous.  Yoga isn’t easy but it is for everyone. As we hold deep stretches we can practice sitting with tension and anxiety and practice breathing through it and staying focused and positive because it’s so easy to enter into the drama internal and external.