Yin vs. Yang

Does anyone know the difference between Yin and Yang Yoga?
We offer a great selection on Yin classes at Sol!
The body is balanced between the Yang energy (masculine) and the Yin energy (feminine). We all have both energies.
Yang is active energy, the muscles and blood flow, strength, stamina and flexibility.
Yin is passive, slow, compassionate, connective tissue, joints and ligaments. These areas have a harder time letting go and require long holds and a focus on breathe and seeking stillness.
Do you prefer Yin or Yang Yoga?
We arrive at Yin ready to take care of ourselves. To find tension and imbalances and develop tools on how to release them. Being able to practice breathing through uncomfortable situations, places you don’t want to be, anger and/or frustration will come with you off the mat.
Yin teaches us to practice finding joy through challenging times. How to breathe when we are uncomfortable. How to pay attention to the dialogue in our heads and notice if it’s positive or negative.
Physically, in Yin, you do seated or laying down poses. They can be held for 30 seconds up to five minutes. You get to choose. Yin teaches us to let go of anxiety when it builds and to stay calm when things get sticky.
You will feel things like deep release in neck/shoulders/spine/hips/legs, and mind
Yin will usually use props. In our studio you will need to bring your own mat. Props are also strongly encouraged. Yoga blocks, blankets, straps and pillows can all help support you in the longer holds. The support feels amazing. We all need to give ourselves a little more support.
Yin will help open up meridians in your body that carry energy, prana and qui. It helps flush the lymph nodes and balance the nervous system.
Please let us know if you have any questions about Yin!
What style do you practice?
Do you like Yin or Yang Yoga better?