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5.5 Ounce Aerosol Aromatherapy Spray




Lazy Therapy? Ever heard of it? Most likely not….I made it up. Lazy therapy is my favorite! It doesn’t require eating right, going to the gym, changing your clothes, or a shower after. Bonus points for being able to watch Netflix while you do it too.
Here’s a great way to embrace Lazy Therapy. Essential oil atomizers! I just upgraded my bottles this year! In my world that’s exciting! They have a wonderful, fine mist, with an easy-to-pull trigger, not like a pump bottle. I use one on my plants to humidify and kill pests, there is one in the bathroom, camper, my yoga bag, car….you get it!
They can last however long you want them to. I can go through a whole bottle in one yoga class, but the ones in the house can last months. These can be harmful to pets IF CONSUMED, so please store them away from your animals. I used the “Smell Go Away” on all my dog beds. I’m happy to chat about safety and your situation.
CHRISTMAS SMELLS- This is a holiday favorite. You will never smell anything so warm and refreshing. This will ruin you for all other holiday scents! Spray on the tree, around the house, or anywhere you want that cozy holiday smell. GREAT GIFT
CHILL THE F@CK OUT or for the Sweet and Innocent CALM
I use this a lot in my yoga classes. Everyone seems to want to eat it! It’s got a great balancing blend of the calm of Lavender and the uplifting effect of Tangerine. Helps balance out any mood and I find that it is enjoyable to every type of person. Who doesn’t like the smell of Tangerine?!?! Perfect for the bedside, in the car, or for kids. Helps with both depression and anxiety,
This is my GO-TO for any bad smells. It doesn’t just mask the smell but it actually breaks down the bad-smelling molecules to make them disappear. This has also been shown to work for an insect repellent. This is always in a bathroom, camper, or near the pets. I also put a soaked cotton ball in nasty shoes or use it like a Febreeze without the chemicals.
This is like energizing you on both the outside and inside. Very uplifting and invigorating. Perfect to spray on after or before a shower, before a workout, or as a pick me up anytime. It aids in clearing the breathing passages, allergies, headaches and is like coffee as an essential oil! I also use this one in the detox bath to help soothe tired muscles. SO GOOD!
This is what I make for people if I want to spoil them. I don’t think I ever used this scent without someone running up to me after class saying, “I NEED THIS!” Truth be told, I do not like Geranium oil but it’s so amazing what it adds to this blend. Anything floral works on the heart and emotions. Very powerful, very uplifting. Proven to take the blues away!
****I can make lots of blends if you have a specific request like- insomnia, children, pre and postnatal, etc