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Fu@k 2021 Morse Code Bracelet



Another one from the Fabulous Fu@k Collection by Yogi Amy.  Keeping it classy with this one!  No one needs to know, unless they’re cool, that your bracelet spells out FUCK 2020!  Just a little something to add some lightness to the heaviness that we are carrying.  Two different sizes S/M and M/L so specify which size you will want!

Crystal Options (specify in notes)

AMETHYST- Purple- quiet mind, balance, intuition, relaxing, healing

ONYX- Shiny Black- gives strength, protection, and a strong link to the earth. It can heal, keep your mind clear during meditation, and redirect negative energy into positive action.

LAVA DIFFUSER BEADS- Black porous stones with a texture to absorb essential oils along with bad energies.