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Hematite Diffuser Bracelets



Need a great gift idea? These bracelets contain diffuser beads that hold essential oils for the added benefit of aromatherapy. They also contain a stone called Hematite. Hematite has many beneficial qualities. It helps to absorb negative energy, the beads are always cold, so it is soothing to the wrist, hand, and arm pain. Hematite also helps you maintain a healthy energy level, and stay connected to nature, balance the energies existing between your mind, body, and spirit. The balanced energy helps create harmony between you and everything around you. Among many other things, it helps your thoughts stay more focused, balanced, and clear. The more focused and balanced your thoughts are, the higher your communication skills and self-esteem. Great gift for men and women!

They are available in Small, Medium, and Large.  Medium will fit most.  Please specify a design that you like.