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Large Detox Bath (2-3 Uses)


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These are such a treat! They were actually required for me to do after every day of yoga training. They work! It’s a mixture of Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, and other salts that will help your body in eliminating toxins as well as absorbing the minerals, like Magnesium, and nutrients that are in the water. You can customize these by picking a scent or a blend. Essential oils will help to detox the body, balance energy, and leave your skin super soft! I also use these when my skin itches or when my son’s eczema is acting up.
Please message me if you are interested!!
These are large mason jars with 2-3 uses. Use the hottest water you can take and soak for 15 minutes. You can wash it off after, or not. You may need to hydrate after with an oil or lotion. While these detox the skin, if the salts sit on you, they can dry you out.
Sleep- Have troubles sleeping? This could be the solution for winding down, centering the mind, and calming the nervous system. Very grounding. Every oil is designed to calm, soothe and ease. Take one of these every night for the next week and see how you sleep!
Chill the F@ck Out *OR* CALM- Stressed? This is a favorite! Very balancing and very pleasant to smell. Had a rough day? Kids just won’t BE QUIET!?!? This is the bath for you! Very good for the skin
Hangover Cure or DETOX- C’mon, we’ve all probably been there, right? These are SO AMAZING if you aren’t feeling well. The oils in this bath are designed to pull out toxins from the inside and out! Hydrating reduces inflammation, provides your body with Magnesium, and just feels so good when you are not!
Let the Sh@t Go *OR* Soothe- Muscles pains or cramps? Do you do high-intensity workouts? This is so perfect to soothe tired or sore muscles. This is also a great blend to open up the breathing passages and cleanse the lungs. Big deep breaths in the bath will leave your muscles feeling rejuvenated, hydrated, and ready to go!
F@ck Winer *OR* HAPPY- Depression? Anxiety? This is your bath! This is the best smelling one of the group! It’s designed to target the heart and its powerful emotions. Detoxing all the bad right out of you. Perfect for times of sadness, dread, hopelessness, overwhelming stress, or just can’t get out of bed. I think this will be exactly what you need.