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Picture Jasper Diffuser Bracelets



Need a great gift idea? These bracelets contain diffuser beads that hold essential oils for the added benefit of aromatherapy. They also contain a stone called Picture Jasper. 

Picture Jasper can help in healing the body when it suffers injury or illness. It can also help you quit bad habits, like drinking and smoking, and make sure that you quit for good.

It can remove the toxins from your body. It can fortify your kidneys, as well as your intestines and your stomach. It can also boost fertility and bring about happy and healthy pregnancies.  It can give protective energies to a pregnant woman during childbirth as well.

It’s also known to be effective in treating skin disorders and alleviating symptoms of allergies, particularly those brought on by chemicals and chronic lung conditions.

It can aid in digestion and conditions of the prostate.  Helps with nosebleeds, pain in the body, and balance.

It will inspire creative vision and practicality in starting your own passion project or business.

Picture-Jasper will also give you a sense of security and stability. Even if everything is happening so fast, you will not lose your bearings, and you will be able to keep a handle on things. It also encourages leadership, independence, Abundance, positive communications, and good dreams.

This stone will instill a sense of harmony and balance in your relationship that will help you focus on the important things, celebrate each other’s strengths, and help each other turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Picture Jasper slows things down and helps you simplify which allows you to enjoy life more fully

Picture-Jasper is a stone of fresh starts. It will help you make a new beginning and support you with every decision. It will let you find your way to a new horizon and discover your new capabilities.

It supports new beginnings with a positive and grounded outlook.

It’s available is small, medium and large.  Medium fitting most.

Please specify a design you like.