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Zero Fu@ks Given Diffuser Bracelet



Urban Dictionary defines Zero F@cks Given- as the term is used to express dismay, disbelief, or sarcasm pertaining to someone or something, and can be a successful comeback comment in the event of a downward-spiraling conversation.
This bracelet has the ability to diffuse essential oils and has your choice of crystals which can aid in connection, grounding, and balance. 
*****Please note in comments which crystals you would like*****

Various Crystals and Healing Potential

Howlite– White with grey stripes- Peace and calming, diffuse anger, stress relief, self-expression, strong bones and teeth, sleep disorders, joint disorders, spiritual wisdom.

Rose Quartz– Pink- Healing things like fear, changes, grief.  Sensuality, feminine, peace, self-love, divine love, centering.

Amethyst- Purple- Helps heal anger, anxiety, substance abuse, insomnia, headaches.  Can help immune system, balance, coping, grief, lose, nightmares, rage.  Provides protections and helps you connect to your greater self (intuition)

Spider Jasper– White, Grey and black stones with web like pattern on them- Calming, peaceful, grounding, protecting, connection, grounding, balance

Blue Soladite– Blue and White Stone- Confidence, courage, logic, intelligence, emotional balance, intuition, clarity, truth, perception.

Tigers Eye– Brown and yellow- Protection, clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, grounding, power, courage, grace

Hematite– Shiny silver- focus, concentration, willpower, reliability, courage, confidence, optimism, trust, balance, stability, protection

Turquois- Blue stone with brown stripes- Boost immune system, aids in meditation, eases respiratory ailments, lift feelings of hopelessness, energy, known as the master healer

Jade– Green- Strongly connected with heart and nervous system, stability, longevity, fertility, luck, wealth, serenity, wisdom, practicality, tranquility, balance, peace, harmony, moderation, perspective

Pink Zebra Jasper– Pink, black, white stone with zebra like pattern- heart chakra stone, bring contentment and joy, gentle and calming affect can decrease anxiety and promote relaxation. Like all jaspers, it is a protective stone that can bring stability, security and grounding.

African Turquoise– Green mossy pattern- encourages growth and development to foster positive change from within.  It opens the mind to new ideas and endless possibilities. Inspires, ease mood swings, encourage acceptance and optimism